Instagram Comment Picker and Giveaways Tool
    To collect comments and get the winner you need:
  • go to the Instagram app and click on the 3 dots next to the post
  • select the "Copy link" menu item
  • click the "Add post" button on our page
  • paste the link you copied
  • provide an email address if you are use service for the first time
  • confirm the mail by sending the code from the mail you entered to confirm@getcombot.com - this action allows you to protect the service from spam and speed up the queue
  • confirmation is performed once, and in the future you can use the service by simply pointing out the link to the post
Instagram* (признана экстремисткой и запрещена в РФ)
Владелец ресурса не несет ответственности за содержимое выгруженных из сети сообщений, представленных на данной странице